Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Little Contribution from home - Plastic Bottle Recycling

Have you ever thought that our little part from home can contribute a lot to our world? Maybe you don't realize that the plastic bottles that we use almost everyday to drink, cook, etc may harm to our health internally due to the chemical that are being used in the process of the bottle making. 

What do you normally do with all used plastic bottles at home? Do you just dumb the bottle into the garbage bag? Do u reuse for other purposes?

I may not an expert about all this but I believe that if all of us do our part from home, we can help in many factors. I normally will crumpled all the recycle bottles and store it in one big plastic bag. Then, I sell it to the nearest recycle centre. And the money that I get, I use it for my groceries expenses. Hihihi...

Other than send it to the recycle center, you can also reuse the bottle for many other purposes. Visit this below link to see the ideas...;-) Below is one of my favourite...;-)

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    Jay Katari


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