Saturday, February 23, 2013

Training Chopstick for Beginners

Have you seen this before? Have you purchase one for your little one? Why don't you get one and let your toddler to enjoy their noodles using chopstick just like all of us...

I love this chopstick. It helps my kids to learn to hold and use the chopstick correctly. Japanese is just brilliant for came out with this idea!

Where can you get this? You can find it in one of the well known store named DAISO. They sell all items for RM5 only in Malaysia.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lempeng cicah Sambal Tumis Tomato

Bahan :-

Bawang besar (dimayang)
Lada mesin / lada boh
Ikan bilis (ditumbuk halus/kasar)
Buah tomato (dlm 2 biji - dicincang)
Air asam jawa
Sedikit gula
Sedikit garam

Caranya :-

1. Tumis lada mesin hingga garing.
2. Masukkan bawang dan tunggu hingga layu.
3. Masukkan ikan bilis dan tomato.
4. Campurkan air asam jawa, gula dan garam.
5. Biarkan hingga menggelegak. Gunakan api yg kecil agar tomato dan ikan bilis mesra bersama2 dgn sambal tu.

Tips :-

1. Untuk dapatkan lempeng yg kurang berminyak dan tidak melekat ialah dgn cara mencampurkan sedikit minyak ke dlm bancuhan batter tu.
2. Jika anak tidak mkn pedas, bagi mereka mkn lempeng bersama gula perang.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Bubur Nasi Celery dan Bebola Ikan

Hari ni anak bongsu saya, Aqif batuk berkahak. Saya kena control dan jaga makan dia sebab kalau tak, bole trigger asthma.

Memandangkan masa utk masak sgt suntuk sebab saya pun baru balik dari mengajar, saya decide utk buat bubur nasi. Tiba2 datang pulak idea nak buat resepi sendiri. Akhirnya jadi lah bubur nasi celery dan bebola ikan.

Saya hanya gunakan bawang putih dan halia sahaja utk tackle selera mkn utk tekak orang sakit....hihihi....nasib baik sedap! :P

Bahan :-

Hirisan Celery
Bebola Ikan (dipotong dadu)
Bawang putih (cincang halus)
Halia (dipotong dlm bentuk keping yg besar agar mudah dibuang jika x suka)

Caranya :-

1. Tumis bawang putih cincang dan halua hingga naik bau wanginya.
2. Masukkan fishball dan kacau sebentar
3. Masukkan beras yg telah dibasuh dan air.
4. Biar hingga kembang.
5. Masukkan potongan celery dan kacau rata. Masukkan sedikit garam. Jika suka, tambah sedikit serbuk kada hitam atau lada sulah.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Salad with Mayonaise Dressing

My family love vegetables a lot! Sometimes, I'd prefer to eat light meal for dinner and salad is the best choice.

So, as I am not feeling well today....I craved for salad and decided to make it myself. Don't recipe is very simple and I'm sure you can do it for your family too.

Ingredients :-

Broccoli (steamed for a while)
Cherry tomato
...and many more...up to you...

For dressing :-

Olive oil
Lemon juice
A pinch of salt

I hope you like it! Opss! Forgot to mention that its nice if you eat it with croutons. I love croutons! You can also add in black pepper chicken in the salad...or anything u want.

Update me if you have try it yourself ok..! ;-)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carrot Chips

This is my first attempt of making carrot chips for my kids. They love it! Yayy! You can try to make it for your kids too... Don't worry...the taste is nice! Taste like sweet potato chips. Try it!

Ingredients :

Carrots (try to get bigger size carrot)
Olive oil

How to do it :

*  Peel or slice the carrot into thick pieces.
*  Mix it with olive oil and salt.
*  Put those pieces in the tray and bake in the oven till crispy.
*  You can also saute in a pan with olive oil if you want to.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My most simple Chocolate Spread recipe

My children love to eat bread with chocolate spread. However, I think its too costly especially if your kids love to eat it almost everyday and they sometimes eat the spread just like that! Whoaa...definitely that one big bottle only last for 2 or 3 days! Phew...

I decided to make my own chocolate spread so that my kids can have it at cost....and 'halal' guaranteed...yayy!

This is my recipe ok. My most simple recipe....hihihi

250gm  Chocolate compound (dark chocolate)
2 tbs     Canola oil
A pinch of salt

Just use the double boil technique and cool it off before you transfer into the jar or other container. Easy huh?? Hihihi....^_^

Notes :

*  You can add in the grinded roasted hazelnut for hazelnut flavour
*  You can also add in thick cream if you like it creamy

Good luck and hope u'll like it! :-)

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