Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bermacam2 Jenis Salad

Due to this hot weather, I always come out with drinks or snacks that could avoid my kids from getting dehydrated. If you get dehydrated, you’ve used more water than you’ve consumed. Your body no longer has the amount of water it needs to carry out important tasks, including cognitive functioning, blood flow and waste elimination.

To avoid them from getting dehydrated, what I do is...

1. I always get them to eat lots of fresh fruits such as Honey Dew, Watermelon, Oranges, Dragon fruits, Papaya, etc.

2. Sometimes I made them Fruit Punch Drinks.

3. I made them varieties of  'Aiskrim Malaysia'

I found one interesting website where lots of Easy Salad Recipes being shared there. From fruit salad, green salad, pasta salad and many more! How excited it is huh!?? ^_^  Just click at the Easy Salad Recipe words to get there.

click at the picture to go the this website..

Come on mommies..!! Let start and change our family eating habits!

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