Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tortilla Chips dip with Tomato & Green Apple Salsa

I made this today for my kids' snack. Its my tactic for them to consume more fruits and vegetables. All the ingredients are based on my in-stock at home.

Ingredients :-

Tortilla Wrap
Green Apple
A pinch of salt
Lemon juice

How to do it :-

*  I cut the tortilla wrap into triangle and put in one big tray.
*  Pour a little bit of olive oil and a bit of salt. Mix it and heat it up in thr oven till crispy.
* For salsa, chopped the tomatoes and green apples. Put a pinch of salt and lemon juice. Mix it all up and its ready to be served.
*  Notes : u can also put a little bit of rosemary or basil herbs if u like it.

VOILA..!! Hope u'll like it..! Do give me feedback about this recipe ok..;-)

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