Thursday, May 30, 2013

Start juicing from now on..!

Today is my 1st day of juicing at home. After red some of the testimonial on the benefits of juicing. I decided to do it as well.

As my kids are crazy about vegetables, I'm sure they gonna love it more with juicing! And i was right. They could finished up their juice within seconds!

I would suggest you guys to start juicing as well coz you'll be getting more nutritions and vitamins of the fruits and vegetables. For those who are quite picky with vegetables, you can add more fruits to avoid the vegetable flavour... :-)

And another best part of juicing is...i decomposed all the fruits & vege pulps for my edible plants with hope that it will grow healthier...*wink*

Health benefits from juicing :-

*  Lung/Liver/Breast/Colon cancer prevention
*  Lower the cholesterol
*  Digestion
*  Asthma help
*  Alzheimer's prevention
*  Weight loss
*  Bone protection
*  Immune system

And many can check the recipe and the details of the health benefits from

Stay healthy!! (^_^)

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