Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My most simple Chocolate Spread recipe

My children love to eat bread with chocolate spread. However, I think its too costly especially if your kids love to eat it almost everyday and they sometimes eat the spread just like that! Whoaa...definitely that one big bottle only last for 2 or 3 days! Phew...

I decided to make my own chocolate spread so that my kids can have it at anytime...save cost....and 'halal' guaranteed...yayy!

This is my recipe ok. My most simple recipe....hihihi

250gm  Chocolate compound (dark chocolate)
2 tbs     Canola oil
A pinch of salt

Just use the double boil technique and cool it off before you transfer into the jar or other container. Easy huh?? Hihihi....^_^

Notes :

*  You can add in the grinded roasted hazelnut for hazelnut flavour
*  You can also add in thick cream if you like it creamy

Good luck and hope u'll like it! :-)

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