Friday, July 6, 2012

Omelette Oh! Omelette...

I love omelette...So are my kids. I love to make 'em when my kids refuse to eat proper meal. Oh my...of course I'll be worry when they don't want to eat. What can I make them so that they will not go to bed with an empty stomach? Empty stomach means no well sleeping. 

So, omelette is one of the opt that they normally will not refuse. They love omelette very much. I'm trying to get them to eat balance food or at least a bit of nutritions. So I add lots of vegetables in it. They love it!

These are varieties of Omelette that I've made for my kids...

It may look the same but the ingredients are different. The first picture from left, I add in celery & shallots crisps. The 2nd picture, I added in "Ulam Raja". And the 3rd photo, I added in onions & kacang buncis.

I actually made many types of omelette but I could not recall it all...pfft! Will share with u more in future okay...;-)

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