Thursday, July 12, 2012

Better Way to Mop the Floor

Being a maidless mom can sometimes make u become smarter....hihihi... I use this wiper instead of normal mop coz my hand is too weak to squeeze it. Previously, I use the double sided sheets (can purchase at any store) to be attached to this thing. But recently, I bought this special sheets from Cosway. Wow..! The result is better, it can lasts longer than the double sided sheets. I can use it for more than 5 times per piece! Easy to wash too... No more slippery more sore hands after a few times mopping the floor.... No more back pain...Need not to use a pail of water to rinse the manual mop anymore....The most important thing is, can save $$ a lot! hihihi...


  1. kak effa..wiper sheet ni nama dia apa? nak carik kat cosway lah .. tq! :)

    yana badardin

    1. Yana, lupa la nama dia apa. Bole try je tanya diorang and describe how it looks like kot...mesti diorang tau. K.effa pun dah lama x beli sbb stok masih byk lagi...:-)


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